I highly recommend Daniel Wolper. He was a pleasure to work with, and extremely knowledgeable, creative, dependable, and very patient, which was very important for someone like me who absolutely knows nothing about computers.

Tamra Berry
CEO – Exclusive – A Tamra Berry Studio

Dan is a very talented and creative designer. He is very flexible and accommodating to the requests and feedback, and I am very happy with the products he delivered! I definitely would recommend him to someone else!

Yuking Chou

Daniel was very flexible in accommodating the wishes and the desires of several team members at once. His creativity was just what we needed, from the vision stage through the completion of our many projects within our project.

Kelly Baughn
SonRise Cafe Tokyo


... an incredibly talented young man with an excellent work ethic… A rare combination… one of the most creative individuals I have ever had the opportunity to work with…

-Hartley Peavey
Founder & CEO, Peavey Electronics


Daniel’s work ethic is exemplary… ( his) attitude (is) among the best I have seen. Removing one’s personal emotion from any design is a quality difficult to find in a talented designer, and he exemplifies those qualities.

-Frederick J. Poole
General Manager of Product Development
Peavey Electronics

“A wide range of styles and layouts were included in the designs Daniel submitted… (His) work was competitive and (his) work outstanding. The number of ideas in the initial presentations was impressive, and modifications were done in a timely manner. (He) has my recommendation.”

Wally Blume
CEO – Denali Flavors

Daniel was a great colleage to work with. His creativity and consistency in his work was very critical to our company as we were developing new channels of business. He has a great work ethic, positive attitude and a true colleagial style.

Tony Moscal
General Manager - Business Development