Simply put, our mission & vision at Wolper Design Consulting is to empower small business with cutting edge solutions and design, at an affordable price. Period!

Quality and cutting edge design solutions used to be reserved for major brands and corporations that had the resources for high-dollar accounts with prestigious design firms. Small business, to a design firm, is often just ‘small potatoes’ and not worth their time. With a booming economy, firms could get away with lazy, blue-sky solutions and ambitious theoretical treatises on design, because their corporate clients had a seemingly limitless cash flow for such endeavors.

Now, flash-forward to our current economic state. Major corporations can no longer afford such luxurious accounts with prestigious firms. As is well known, many persons have been laid off from jobs, a good lot of which are permanently gone from our economy. However, the human spirit is never so easily dashed. In many cases, those who are laid off are destined to be the future competition for their former employers. But, as the cliché goes, we predict that necessity will be the mother of invention in our economic recovery.

This is where we at Wolper Design Consulting come in. Our mission is to empower your business idea and hyper-charge it with design excellence. Whereas others may intend to strong-arm or proselytize you with their supposed genius, our mission is to work with you to make your business dreams become reality. Guaranteed.